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Interesting facts about Nerdle

What is Nerdle?

Nerdle is an addictive numerical-based puzzle game that will challenge math nerds. Find a hidden calculation consisting of 8 characters within 6 tries.

This game was developed by Richard Mann who is a British data scientist. Because his 14-year-old daughter wanted a math version of Wordle, he decided to create this game. Surprisingly, since it was released, it has earned the interest of many players from all over the world. They post their results on Twitter and share the game with their friends. Why does this game win the hearts of many players? Play it now and discover its interesting things.

Challenging gameplay

In this game, your objective is to guess a hidden calculation that consists of 8 characters. A character can be one of 0123456789+-*/=. Moreover, you must arrange them in a standard order. Calculate multiplication and division before addition and subtraction. Note that the equation must have an integer to the right of the equal symbol. Do your best to guess the correct equation within 6 attempts. If you cannot find the target math equation after the grid is full, you will lose the game.

Not only do the colors of the tiles tell you how close your guess was to the target equation, but they also help you win the game easily. When you guess the equation, the tiles will change their colors. The gray tile indicates that it is not the target equation. Therefore, you should not enter the digits in the gray tiles one more time. Otherwise, the yellow tile tells you that it is in the hidden equation, but in the wrong spot. You can use it on the next equation, but you should place it on another spot. Finally, if the tile is green, it means that it fits there. Look at the colors of the tiles to figure out the hidden math equation quickly. Break a leg!

This game features a statistics board that shows the number of times you play the game, the number of times you win, the percentage of winning, and the maximum streak. Keep in mind that the maximum streak will return to zero if you lose the game at any time. Therefore, you should be careful. Try your best to get the highest possible streak and share it with your friends.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the numbers.

More things you can do in Nerdle

Equation Length and Arithmetic Signs

If you want to increase the degree of the game, you can change the length of the equation length. The standard equation length is 8 characters. If you are a beginner, you can decrease to 7, 6, or even 5 characters. In contrast, if you are good at mathematics, you can challenge yourself with equations consisting of 9,10,11, or even 12 characters.

Furthermore, you are allowed to choose between arithmetic signs including +, -, *, and /. Choose one or three of them which will be used in the target equation. Otherwise, if you want to try challenging math puzzles, you can select all 4 arithmetic signs.

Dark Mode and Color Blind Mode

This game offers a Dark Mode which can change the background of the game. When you activate the Dark Mode, the background of the game will alter to a black color. This will help to protect your eyes from eye strain and other eye symptoms while you play the game at night or in a dim setting. Activating this mode will also help to raise your concentration. In addition, you can find the Color Blind Mode in the setting. After you turn on this mode, the green tiles will change to orange tiles and the yellow tiles will turn to blue tiles. It is suitable for color-blind people.

Challenge your friends

The developer adds a Nerdle Generator feature intending to connect you with other players. Specifically, when clicking on the N+ button at the top of the screen, you can enter a hidden equation. This math equation can consist of 5 to 12 symbols. After that, copy the link and send it to your friends. They will have to guess this hidden equation within 6 tries. Besides, after solving a math puzzle in the game, you can copy this puzzle and challenge other players to beat it within fewer tries. Interesting, right? Why don't you play the game and challenge your friends with hard math puzzles now?

Pro tips to solve math puzzles in Nerdle

Try multiplication and addition first

Allow me to suggest some effective strategies which will aid you to beat this game easily. The first one is to start with multiplication and addition. It is said that multiplication and addition are often used in hidden equations in this game. Therefore, it is a good idea to enter multiplication, addition, and different digits at the start of the game. If they are not in the target equation, you can try subtraction and division.

Find the positions of the equal sign

You should try three equations with the results consisting of 3, 2, or 1 numbers. If you do that, you can know whether the equal sign is stationed in the 5th, 6th, or 7th tile. Additionally, after figuring out the positions of the equal sign, you can guess the number of arithmetic signs in the target equation. For example, if the equal sign is placed in the 5th tile, the target equation might have only one arithmetic sign. If the equal sign is stationed in the 6th tile, the hidden calculation might have two arithmetic signs. Ultimately, the equal sign in the 7th tile indicates that the target equation might have two or three arithmetic signs.

Note down possible equations

When playing this game, you should use a pen and paper to write down possible target equations. Jot down the symbols in the green tiles first. Then, rearrange the symbols in the yellow tiles. Finally, fill empty spaces with other symbols. After finding the possible hidden equation, you can enter it to check whether it is correct or not. This helps you avoid wasting tiles on the board.