2048 Solitaire

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About the game 2048 Solitaire

In 2048 Solitaire, the goal is to match cards of the same number to get the higher power of two. The most important thing is to get the 2048 card.

Simple gameplay:

To begin, players have the option to click and drag cards from the deck at the bottom into one of the four open slots. On the empty slots, you may put cards with whatever number value you choose. When you combine two cards of the same value, you will get a new card whose value is equal to the number of the next power of two.


A card with the value of eight may be created by stacking 2 cards with the value of 4.

A card with the value of eight may be created by stacking 32 cards with the value of 64.

As more of the game is played, the player is shown cards with increasing values at the bottom of the screen, which makes the game progressively more challenging. Play is continued until the 2048 card is revealed, which is the goal of the game.

How not to lose?

As the game advances, the cards will create columns by stacking. Take care not to let them to reach the bottom dash line of the game board. If the column reaches this line, no further cards may be added to the stack. However, moving cards of similar value into this stack will quickly combine the cards, providing players the opportunity to empty the column.