3 Link

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3 Link Game Info

3 Link is a game in which you must connect three identical images that appear at random with many levels, cute pictures, and daily gifts make it fun.

Gameplay simple:

You just have to pair up blocks that are the same to make them vanish from the board. The fact that there is a time limit for each level constitutes the most difficult aspect of the game. As you progress through the game, you will come across a variety of block objects located on various levels. The block objects can take the form of anything from plants and animals to delectable baked goods and fresh produce. The music that plays in the background of the game is very relaxing to listen to. The game gives you a star at the end of each level that you complete successfully. These stars allow access to additional features and levels.

Levels in the game 3 link:

There are over 2000 levels and 20 unique tile styles available to play through. Altering the image sets and rearranging the given block objects in order to search for a compatible pair are two additional features that are available. If you are having trouble solving a certain level's puzzles, you can gain access to additional hints. In addition, these hints will assist you in locating the remaining items that are the same. If you run out of clues while playing the game, you can get more of them by watching advertisements within the game.

Instructions on how to play:

Use the mouse.