7 Words

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About 7 Words

7 Words is a one-of-a-kind word game that has 777 levels! Each level contains seven clues, which you must solve by utilizing the word components at the bottom.

Next to each clue is a number that indicates how many tiles are needed to spell out the corresponding answer. Find the answers to all seven riddles and then remove the tiles to finish the level. Can't seem to piece together the cryptic clue? Make an effort to form sentences with the remaining tiles by utilizing them! There are three hints provided for each level. In addition, there are buttons that may be used to shuffle the tiles or arrange them alphabetically. You may play any level at any time, you can choose a specific level, play through the levels in chronological order, or you can let the game choose for you. This puzzle game is a lot of fun and will help you get smarter.

Features of the game:

How to play is very easy.

Help you strengthen your vocabulary.

There is a hint section to make it easier for you to solve the puzzle.

Can play with friends and family.

How to play:

Use the mouse.