Apple Worm

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Noteworthy information about Apple Worm

Apple Worm is a challenging puzzle game which will put your logical thinking to the test. Aid the worm in eating apples and reaching the portal.

A cute worm needs your help to reach the portal. Can you help it? Let's guide the worm to crawl on the platforms, climb on high walls, and overcome giant leaps. As the length of the worm is short, it can fall out of the platform easily. You should control it to consume the apple to increase the length. Do your best to assist the worm in reaching the portal to step into the next level.

How to control: Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move your worm.

Challenging levels in Apple Worm

In this game, you are requested to beat 30 levels. Their degrees of difficulty will rise, which will challenge you a lot. However, I believe you can complete all levels in a short time if you can utilize your logical thinking. Come on! Join the game and show us how intelligent you are. If you love this game, take a look at Woblox, Trap the Cat, World's Hardest Game, and Nerdle.