Bingo Bash

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About Bingo Bash

Scratching the numbers and trying to win huge prizes can be a lot of fun in Bingo Bash, a bingo simulator that is both simple and entertaining to play.

Find the number on the ball that corresponds to the number on the playing card you have. Cover up one of the squares in the event that one of your numbers is called. To get a BINGO, you need to have five items in a row in any direction. The winner of the game is the first player to obtain a BINGO.

When a number is called out by the ball drawing, you may either click on it with your mouse or touch it with your finger to hide it. When you have successfully completed a line of five in a row, whether it be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, press the BINGO button. The region in the center that contains the stars is sometimes referred to as the open space, and it is often covered.

How to play:

use the mouse.