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About Bookworm

PopCap has released the word-formation puzzle video game Bookworm. The goal of the game is to pair up letters next to each other to make an English word.

The Bookworm game offers a vocabulary of over 170,000 words from the Oxford English Dictionary, as well as an endless number of levels to retain your position in the hall of fame.

Tips and tricks:

Consider your alternatives carefully and choose the term that will get you the most points.

Attempt to use big words. This will result in greater points and prevent the addition of fire tiles. In addition, if you create words with five letters or more, unique gold tiles will surface. Look for suffixes such as ing, er, ed, and on and see if you can add them to a word to make it longer.

Always attempt to employ unique tiles in the words you create to further boost your score since they significantly increase your score. Additionally, keep an eye on the bonus word, since it will also increase your score.

When you are stuck, clicking on Lex will jumble the board. If you enjoy fond of this game, try playing other interesting Nerdle, Wordoku, and Word Drop.


Find books with bonus words and attempt to finish the level.

Build your stats and show off all of your finest words.

Different colored tiles also have distinct effects, allowing the player to get extra points.

How to play:

Use the left mouse to connect.