Bubble Spinner

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Bubble Spinner is a fun game with plenty of colorful bursts. Achieving a high score requires you to shoot bubbles of the same hue so that they may be popped.

The objective of the game is to remove as many bubbles from the game board as possible while earning as many points as possible. This is accomplished by grouping bubbles into groups of three or more. Bubbles in groups are burst and removed from the game board. Only bubbles of the same hue, however, may be clustered together! The game begins with a playing board filled with 90 hexagon-shaped bubbles. Bubbles fall from the top of the board, and players must shoot them in order to match them with other bubbles of the same hue. But don't allow the linked bubbles to contact the edge of the game board or the game will be over!

How to control

Use the mouse.