Candy Crush Saga

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About the game Candy Crush Saga

Begin playing Candy Crush Saga! The game goal is to get rid of as many candy squares as possible by matching groups of three or more of the same color.

The gameplay is simple, yet it is both enjoyable and tough. You have a limited number of moves to fulfill your goal at each level. By matching at least two adjacent sweets, you must match candies of the same hue and clear candies from the board. Certain sweets, such as candy bombs and candy spiders, may need extra caution. When combined with other candies, they tend to erupt, making it difficult to find a good pairing. You must also keep an eye out for unique treats such as candy bombs and candy spiders. All other sweets on the board are destroyed by these unique candies!

The Harder Obstacles To Clear In Candy Crush Saga

The player has a restricted number of moves in most Candy Crush Saga levels to accomplish the level. If the player is not cautious, he or she may take too many moves in an effort to build up a massive combination. While determining whether to go for a multi-step play or a move with an instant payoff, keep the move count in mind. Don't keep unique sweets for so long that they are never utilized to their full potential.


Use the mouse.