Color Rope 2

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Color Rope 2 game info

In order to win the entertaining and challenging game of Color Rope 2, you will need to thread the end of the rope through a hole of the same color as the rope.

The popular puzzle game Color Rope 2 is an updated version of the original game, in which the player was required to drag colored ropes across the level, wrap them around special pegs, and then finally place them into the holes of corresponding colors. The sequel is superior to its predecessor in every way, including superior graphics, improved controls, and more engaging levels.

The objective of the game is straightforward and easy to understand: you must simply pull each rope by its end (which is represented by a circle) and place it into a hole that is the same color as it. On occasion, there will be a number of ropes, each of which will be a distinct color. When this occurs, you will need to bring each rope to its designated location while ensuring that none of the ropes will cross one another. Sometimes the holes are positioned in such a way that it is necessary to wrap some of the ropes around poles in order to change the angle and, if necessary, get around an obstruction.

How to control:

Use mouse to connect the wire.