Connect Hagi And Kisi

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About the game Connect Hagi and Kisi

Connect Hagi and Kisi is a fun new puzzle game. You must rotate the game level so that the monsters Huggy and Kissy may meet and fall in love!

Can you Connect Hagi and Kisi?

The game is a puzzle game with 60 levels of increasing difficulty in which both Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy have been transformed into fluffy balls and your aim is to make the two of them link with each other because when that occurs, you have completed the level. Of course, you want the two balls to avoid obstacles and not fall off the screen totally since both of these would lead you to lose the game.
Interactive puzzle games like these are always exciting, especially when they include famous characters like these, so start now, discover what all the excitement is about, and have fun as only we can!

How to play:

Hold the mouse and rotate the level