Cut the Rope 2

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Continue cutting Om Nom's rope in the game Cut the Rope 2! You must still deliver the sweets to the adorable monster Om Nom while collecting all of the stars.

About the game Cut the Rope 2

The game has five levels, each of which appears with a new monster. Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss, and Boo are some of them. Roto will fly around a level along a fixed route, picking up and carrying either the candy or Om Nom if they fall in its vicinity. Lick has a long tongue that can be used to make obstacles or paths for the candy merely by tapping on him. Blue will multiply itself every time you tap on him, this can be used to build platforms or turrets on some levels. Toss will catch candy, Om Nom, or other objects that land on him and then toss them in the air if you tap on him. Every time Boo and Om Nom meet, Boo will scare Om Nom, which makes Om Nom jump and fall somewhere else, usually where you want him to be in the level.

Challenging levels in Cut the Rope 2

Most levels have one of these additional monsters, but some have more, and you must work with each of their strengths to finish the level. The gameplay in Cut the Rope 2 is highly reliant on monsters, but there are some other mechanics as well. Some of the previous games' mechanics, such as the blue whoopee cushion and red balloons, are returning. There are also some novel additions, such as magnets and wooden blocks. However, they are only a minor component of the gameplay, with the emphasis primarily on the monsters and their abilities.

How to play

Use the mouse.