Find Me

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About Find Me

Find Me is a fun and challenging reaction game with doodle graphics in which you have to find a guy who is simply distinct from the other guys in the game.

One of the little men on a screen full of other little men who just walk around aimlessly is distinguished by a particular trait, but the others all have the same trait. In order to achieve a high score in this free online game, you will need to locate him as quickly as you can throughout each level.

It's possible that he has glasses on or even a mask on his face. Perhaps he's just making a frowning face. You are going to have to locate him despite the fact that there may be some complications. After you've found him, you should keep an eye on him and click on him as quickly as you can. However, you should keep in mind that you won't be able to do this when he's hiding behind other people.

How to play:

Click on the character that you think is right.