Geometry Dash Lite

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Attend wonderful adventures in Geometry Dash Lite

Thrilling adventures in Geometry Dash Lite are awaiting you to embark on. Overcome numerous dangers during the journey to reach the final portal.

At the start of the game, you will see a list of 15 challenging levels presented. Each level features a distinct terrain and obstacles. Choose one of them and start your journey now. During the journey, you will encounter various hazards such as fake lines, buzzsaws, spikes, and high walls which will stop you from reaching the final portal. Jump or fly up to evade them if you can. Don't forget to gather enough 3 coins along the way.

Two game modes are available for you to select. They are Practice Mode and Normal Mode. The Practice mode allows you to return to the checkpoint that you set. Meanwhile, the Normal Mode forces you to come back to the starting point after colliding with the obstacles. Select your favorite game mode and join the game now. If you love this game, why don't you take a look at Apple Worm, Wordle Game, Stick Merge, and Nerdle on our website?

How to control

Click the left mouse or press the Spacebar to jump.

Press a Z key to place a checkpoint.

Press a X key to remove a checkpoint