Hyper Snake

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About the game Hyper Snake

Hyper Snake is a unique snake game associated with numbers. You have to maneuver around numerical obstacles while controlling your own snake to collect points.

The game places players in a vibrant arena full of obstacles and numbers which are there to challenge the player's skills! Players have to maneuver around these numerical obstacles while controlling their own snake in order to collect points. You begin by being handed 5 pieces of the ball, and you advance by dragging these snake balls left or right in the direction of the numbered blocks. You will need a sufficient quantity of snake balls to destroy these blocks, therefore it is in your best interest to gather any balls you come across while you are in the area. Players of any age will have a blast participating in this game since the difficulty of the numbers and the speed at which they advance increase with each new level.


  • Easy to play yet challenging for new players
  • Various levels with different challenges
  • Drag the snake left or right to move it around the screen

How to play

Use the mouse