Knife Shooter

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Knife Shooter game information

Knife Shooter is a simple but very difficult response game. The goal of the game is for participants to use a moving knife to try to strike a moving target.

How to play Knife Shooter online game?

Your knife is continuously moving horizontally, so you must aim carefully to obtain a perfect shot. Take your time since there is no time restriction, and be sure you click or press the screen when your knife is directly under the target. Yes, problems will get more difficult as the objective moves. Think as many times as you can to achieve a good shot and the best possible score in this HTML5 shooting game!

The difficulty is that if you miss even one time, you will be kicked out of the game. In this time response game, be cautious not to strike the blades or the spikes! Allow yourself to become a knife-throwing expert by timing your motion and aim intelligently. This addicting knife-throwing game has clean minimalist visuals, easy control, excellent tapping action, several varieties of blades, and a point system. Good luck hitting your goal for as long as you can to set a new high score!

How to play:

Use the mouse.