Lines to Fill

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About in the game Lines to Fill

Lines to Fill is a logic game in which players must draw lines to fill in a specific shape. You can draw different lines but do not leave any cells blank.

How to play Lines to Fill?

Players must find patterns, recognize patterns, identify shapes, make connections, and draw lines in order to solve some complicated puzzles and challenges. Once you've drawn a line, it will stay in place until you erase it. Use this ability to solve each level by filling the shapes with as few lines as possible. There are no time limits and no way to lose, so take your time and enjoy the puzzles! You can take your time and think carefully about where to draw your lines. The challenge comes from finding an efficient solution for each puzzle!

There are over 100 levels for you to solve, with more added regularly. If you get stuck on a particular level, try looking at our solutions page for some hints.


Use the mouse.