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About the game Looper!

Looper! is a music-themed video game with vibrant graphics that challenges players to solve hundreds of challenging puzzles through different rounds.

The objective

Your objective is very straightforward: you just need to trigger the various rhythm elements at the exact right instant so that they coincide with each other and produce an amazing sound when combined. Put your sense of rhythm to the test and see if you can come up with rhythms that are in harmony across all of the levels. If you get the timing incorrect, the beats could end up falling apart. They will be set ablaze with every collision of the patterns into one another.


  • Puzzles that are fun and hard, and more levels are coming soon!
  • Each puzzle can be solved in many ways. Just pick the right time!
  • Different balls move and change color!
  • Unique skills.

How to play

To start the beat, click the left mouse button.