Magic Cat Academy 2

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About Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2 is a challenging game with five progressively ominous abyssal levels. Momo the cat has a wand with which she dispatches her foes.

The plot

In order to complete the doodle entitled "Magic Cat Academy 2," you will need to assume the role of a cat named Momo who has been accepted into a school of magic. The objective of the game is for you, playing the role of Momo, to save your school of magic from evil spirits that are attempting to take control of it. When the ghosts appear, each one will have a sign that can be used to identify them. To put an end to the ghosts' pursuit of you, you must first draw the symbol before they can get to you. If they are able to get within a certain distance of you, you will lose a life. You start each of the game's four stages with a total of five lives at your disposal.

Levels are equivalent to the layers of the ocean

  • Level 1: Aquatic foe: Immortal jellyfish( Sunlight Zone)
  • Level 2: Aquatic foe: Boop boops(Twilight Zone)
  • Level 3: Aquatic foe: Vampire squad(Midnight Zone)
  • Level 4: Aquatic foe: Anglerfish(The Abyss)
  • Level 5: Aquatic foe: Unknown(The Trenches)

How to play

Use the mouse.