Math Duck

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About Math Duck

Math Duck is a fun and tough run-and-jump platform game, you must knowledge of math. Control the duckling to unlock the door and escape before time runs out.

The only way to complete a level is to get the magical key. The key appears only when you have properly completed all of the timetable questions. But be cautious because if you get a math multiplication table question incorrect, you must restart. If you have the key, the locked door will open and you will be able to pass through. This world is also full of perils. You should avoid touching any spikes on the floor or ceiling. There are bugs beneath the spines at times, or they are not properly fastened, allowing the spines to slide or fall.

You have a total of 10 seconds to accomplish each level. So try to determine ahead of time which responses you want to get before time runs out. After you have properly answered all of the questions, you must also take the key and go to the door; try to keep this in mind to make things simpler. This free multiplication practice game is designed for fourth and fifth-grade students.

How to play:

Press the left arrow key or the A key on your keyboard to go left.

To go to the right, use the right arrow key or the D key on your keyboard.

Press the up arrow key or the W key on your keyboard to jump.

Press the R key or the restart button in the top right to restart the game.