Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

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About Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

Get ready for an assassination plan in Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill. Assassinate the king to replace him and watch out for murderers behind you.

At the start of the game, you will play as an assassin who sneaks up behind the king. Hold the spacebar to raise your weapon and kill the king. Be careful! The king can turn his head at any time. You will be imprisoned to death if you are noticed while raising your weapon. Do your best to murder the king and replace him. When you become a king, you need to take caution with everyone behind you. They can be kind or evil. It is a good idea to turn your head regularly to check your safety.

How to control: Hold the Spacebar to turn your head or raise your weapon.

All achievements in Murder: To Kill Or Not To Kill

There are 10 achievements in this game. They are Happy Dugeon, Romeo Juliet, Drunk King, Prosperity Life, Heart Attack, Maniac, and so on. You can complete them as the game progresses. Try your best! Besides, don't forget to take a look at other exciting games such as Four In A Row, Nerdle, Bee Connect, and Bingo Bash on our website.