One More Dash

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Overview of One More Dash

One More Dash is an arcade game in which the objective is to propel a white ball as far as possible by tethering it to a number of different checkpoints.

The game starts with a white ball at the bottom of the screen, which is your only source of power. You need to drag the ball up and down using the left and right arrows on your keyboard. When you let go, the ball will go where you originally clicked, so it's important not to click too early or late. If you hit another point after releasing your finger, it will kill your momentum and send your ball flying off the screen.

In addition to having to keep track of where each point is located, there are also some enemies that pop up periodically: red balls that bounce around randomly, yellow bombs that explode when they hit one of the blue points, and black balls that disappear when they hit any other color. The last two are particularly tricky because they move unpredictably while bouncing off walls and ceilings before landing back down at their original location without hitting anything else along their path.

How to play:

Use the mouse.