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About Outspell

Outspell is a fun little word game similar to doodle. You are given various letters that you may utilize to spell a word by arranging them on a 13x13 board.

Your opponent may use more letters to form other words, either vertically or horizontally. After a time, every game begins to resemble a crossword puzzle, and although the general principles are the same, the rules and mechanics are vastly varied.

If you decide to play a game, let go of whatever preconceived notions you may have about word spelling games. You must not only think of words but also carefully put them on the board in order to occupy the most lucrative areas. Some squares feature multipliers that may make each character count up to three times the normal number of points.

Playing games Outspell online is a fast and simple way to unwind while also pushing your intellect with an interesting challenge. You must carefully examine each action such that it benefits just you and not your opponent. Every word matters, and sometimes what seems to be unavoidable loss may be avoided and reversed at the last minute.

How to play:

Just drag letters into the appropriate places with your mouse or touchpad. You may either click to choose a letter and then click again to position it, or you can drag a letter tile to the appropriate location.