Rock Paper Scissors

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Exciting facts about Rock Paper Scissors

Take a look at Rock Paper Scissors which is a popular hand game. Select one of three symbols including rock, paper, and scissors to defeat your rival.

The gameplay of this game is super simple. In this game, you need to choose between three symbols which are rock, paper, and scissors. Note that rock smashes scissors and scissors cut paper. Paper covers rock. Therefore, if you choose rock while your rival selects scissors, you will win and score one point. The first one who can get three points will become a victor.

This game features two game modes including 1 Player and 2 Player modes. The 1 Player mode allows you to battle with the CPU while the 2 Player mode requires you to compete with another player. Choose one of the available game modes and play this game now. If you are fond of this game, I suggest you try playing 8 Ball Pool, Nerdle, Sudoku, and 7 Words on our website.

How to control


Press a A key for rock.

Press an S key for the paper.

Press a D key for scissors.


Press a J key for rock.

Press a K key for the paper.

Press an L key for scissors.