Shape Fold Animals

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Shape Fold Animals game information

Shape Fold Animals is a puzzle game, you'll have to twist and fold the parts into the template in the right order, and they're all hinged to one another.

Beat stress with Shape Fold Animals

This game which is a combination of jigsaw puzzles and origami will really put your brain to the test. You need to arrange these parts on the floor in such a way that they form the desired shape precisely. You can drag the pieces around and move them by holding them at the appropriate spots. Put the components back together in the correct sequence. You will discover many images depicting animals in this game such as fish, birds, monkeys, pets, dinosaurs, lions, wolves, cranes, turtles, and spiders...

As you progress through the game, the designs grow a bit more complicated, but the game itself also becomes more enjoyable.

How to play

Use the mouse.