Solve Math

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Solve Math contains 150 questions with answers to help you improve your math skills. You can play against the clock or against other players in multiplayer mode.

The goal of this game is to find the solution to the equation by using a combination of random integers and mathematical symbols. You can determine the solution to the question by using your mouse to help you match the appropriate symbols and numbers. You will not only improve your mathematical skills but also have a good time while you are playing games if you do this.

The game has three modes:

Normal - this mode is the easiest one, it allows you to solve simple equations and get points for each correct answer.

Hard - here you will have to solve more difficult equations and pay attention to the order of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). You will also be able to add fractions and decimals in this mode.

Pro - here there are even more complicated equations that you will have to solve with patience and dedication!

Below is the function of the signs included in the calculation:

Add - allows you to add two numbers together without using any calculator.

Subtract - allows you to subtract two numbers from each other without using any calculator.

Multiply - allows you to multiply two numbers together without using any calculator.

Divide - allows you to divide one number with another without using any calculator.