Space Bubbles

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About Space Bubbles

Space Bubbles is a simple, entertaining, and addicting game! The aim of the game is to destroy all of the bubbles on the board by constructing clusters.

Your objective is to explode all of the bubbles on the board, which you do by releasing colored bubbles from your shooter onto the playing surface. Each level has its own distinct board arrangement. Create matches consisting of three or more bubbles in order to explode them. The color bubble may be changed at any moment with your current bubble by clicking on the bubble in the bottom-left corner of the screen. After each of the player's shots, the bubbles that are currently on the board will descend a few spaces. Avoid having any of the bubbles come into contact with the row below. This is a little aggravating since ordinarily, a new row would only develop if you miss 5 or 6 shots, but every time you miss 5 shots, a new row will create on top of the stack.

How to play:

Use the mouse.