Tiny Fishing

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About Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is a fishing game in which you must update your equipment in order to catch larger fish! You will get paid for each fish you capture.

The goal of the game is to catch fish and sell them for money. You may use the money you earn from selling fish to enhance your fishing pole. You can enhance the number of fish your pole can handle and the distance your line can go by upgrading your pole. You will get some money for each catch, and you may possibly discover some buried treasure while fishing.

Upgrade your fishing rod with your hard-earned money. You will be able to catch more and better fish if you enhance your pole. This is an excellent approach to begin earning extra money. However, be cautious since it is quite simple to overspend and run out of money. Our recommendation is to plan out what you want to update and then save your money appropriately. Don't fall into the temptation of purchasing every upgrade you see.

How to play:

Use the mouse.