Trap the Cat

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About Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a difficult puzzle game. Players must learn how to develop new traps and reference tips and techniques to progress on the game board.

The rule:

Trap The Cat features a board with a cat on it. The player's objective is to create a challenge such that the cat cannot escape the fence and must be trapped in order to win. There will be some useful ideas and recommendations to assist you to enhance your game board performance.

When the cat escapes from your trap area, the challenge is judged a failure. Let's restart and earn all of the additional points to help you finish the quest. Best wishes!

Tips and Tricks:

Keep a watch on the enemy's moves, evaluating and forecasting them. Push it in the desired direction. Cut out any escape routes and surround the renegade on all sides.

How to play:

Click the hexagon with the mouse to construct a barrier through which the cat may leap.