Unblock Cube 3D

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About Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D is a soothing puzzle game in which you must move the blocks in the exact sequence using the various directions indicated and win.

Can you Unblock Cube 3D?

Even though the game's rules and gameplay are straightforward, you'll find yourself going back for more because of the increasingly challenging creations. It is not possible for the cubes to move in the directions that are suggested by their arrows. You should utilize the first few levels to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the game and to warm up. Beginning with the rows on the outside, work your way inside toward the center. Do not attempt to push the cubes closer to their centers. Instead, you should concentrate on cleaning each cube while maintaining the same space between them. Take your time, carefully plot out your motions, and then use the stars you've earned to purchase boosters that change how an arrow behaves. See how far you can go!

How to control:

Use the mouse.