Wheel Of Fortune Quiz

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Overview of the game Wheel Of Fortune Quiz

Wheel Of Fortune Quiz is an HTML5 game where you spin the wheel and guess letters in a word or phrase to strengthen your memory and analytical skills.

The contestant chooses one of three categories (such as "food", "movie", or "person") and spins the wheel. If they land on a space with the correct category and number, they can take their chances in the "Wheel of Fortune" by spinning again. If they land on an incorrect space, they must choose another category and spin again.

If they spin the wheel successfully, they win money and spin for more guesses. They continue spinning until they land on one of six spaces: $1,000; $500; $200; $100; 50 cents; or 10 cents. Each space also has a different word that corresponds with its value: "$1,000"; "$500"; "$200"; etc.

If a contestant lands on one of these spaces without landing on another space or without landing on any other prizes, he or she wins all his/her money back plus spins for another round. If all those spins are used up without landing on any prizes or other spaces, then that player loses all his/her money back plus spins for another round (the amount varies).

How to control:

Use the mouse.