Word Search

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Word Search game information

Word Search is a very fun word search and puzzle game. You will have to find and study the words in the table and put them together to make the word make sense.

Levels from easy to difficult:

Classic - Discover the hidden words in a traditional word search puzzle experience! Just swipe to highlight and pick words on the screen. You have the option of playing with or without a timer. If you want a genuine challenge, try increasing the difficulty as far as it will go!

Casual - In this enjoyable and relaxed setting, play a terrific word search tale. Discover all of the words as quickly as possible and finish each vocabulary challenge to advance to the next level. If you complete every step, you will receive a plethora of fantastic goodies!

Extra - Includes many word search mini-modes that allow you to play word search and crossword puzzle games like Mixed Case, Lost Letters, and Hidden Words. Each word search option provides a distinct experience that makes solving the challenge more challenging. Excellent for a new type of word problem!

Multiplayer - Play a real-time 1v1 PvP multiplayer action game with your friends and family. Check out this entertaining social word search game in which you solve puzzles and compete for a high score. Beware, it's quick, furious, and addicting!

Up Words - Scanning the screen for hidden words and highlighting them as rapidly as possible. Letters are continually rising and stacking on top of one another, so work quickly before they disappear!

Rush Mode - Test your abilities by finding phrases as quickly as you can! Countless hours of word-searching entertainment at varied levels of difficulty.


  • There are many levels of difficulty, including easy, normal, and hard.
  • Every day, you can play a lot of free word games.
  • Strong brain teasers for people of all ages.
  • Free word puzzles are updated often with brand-new ones.
  • Great word search game to help you learn English words.


Use the mouse to match words.