Wordle Game

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About Wordle Game

Wordle Game is a basic word game with one problem to solve each day that is the same for everyone. You just need to guess one word, and you get six chances.

You don't have to be extremely intelligent to be excellent at it, but it makes you feel like the smartest person alive. There is also nothing to download. Simply open it in your browser. Because everyone is working on the same problem, there is a means to directly compare oneself to others: A low-stakes competition that is both enjoyable and not discouraging. Many Polygon staff members found the game today - thank you - and we're all waiting for news tomorrow.

Here are the rules:

Simply guess a word. Any word that has five letters.

After each word guesses, hints will emerge indicating whether letters are in the correct location, in the word but in the incorrect spot, or not in the word at all.

Using these tips, make another guess and repeat until you get the word – or you don't and lose.

There's also a hard option for those who seek a more difficult challenge: A cog may be seen on the upper, right side of the in-browser screen. Click that, and then the slider to enable hard mode, which means you must follow the suggestions you've discovered - you can't simply input random phrases to figure out additional letters or locations.

How to play:

Use the mouse.