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About the game Wording

Wording is a fun thinking game that tests your vocabulary. Form a word and fill in the boxes. You will advance to the next level after filling out the boxes.

This game will teach you new words whether you are a spelling champion or not. Your goal is to have fun! To finish a level, just locate all of the words in it. You may play this game using your mouse. To begin the game, choose the new button from the main menu. Prepare to be challenged as the levels progress. To make words, use the letters on the wheel at the bottom of the screen. To do so, click on a letter and then move your cursor to another while pushing the left mouse button. When you make a word, it will be written at the top of the board. Some words are concealed, which means they don't appear on the board. These will offer you extra points if you discover them. If you get stuck, you may get a clue from the bottom right corner for 50 cents.

How to play:

You can play this game with your mouse.