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About Wordoku

Wordoku is similar to Sudoku, but it uses letters instead of numbers. Each puzzle features a hint at the top, which may be straightforward or cryptic.

In the game, you have a board full of random letters and a set of other random letters at the bottom of the screen, and your objective is to form columns, rows, and sections of 3x3 unique characters. Think carefully before making each move since, just like in chess, if your approach isn't sound, you'll quickly exhaust your viable possibilities. In case you are bored with this game, you can try Nerdle.

Fortunately, Wordoku has multiple levels of difficulty, so you can begin at the Beginner level and, once you've mastered the game's rules, advance to the more challenging modes to become a true master of letter ordering. You may even reach a point where you can effortlessly solve the level with sufficient practice. In addition, playing puzzle games like Wordoku improves your ability to play puzzle games in general.

How to play:

By clicking on the empty cells on the board and selecting the appropriate letters from the stack at the bottom of the screen, you can make columns, rows, and squares of 3x3 unique letters.