Zoo Boom

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About the game Zoo Boom

Match adorable animal cubes in Zoo Boom colorful puzzle game! Tap at least two animals of the same color to add them to your zoo, and finish all duties.

You can construct special boosters by matching numerous creatures of the same type. Bees buzz vertically or horizontally through your rows, while the adorable skunks repel anyone within a radius when they release their stinky spray. Combine your special abilities to create massive explosions and destroy your way through 100 difficult levels. Win stars to open treasure chests with useful rewards and come back daily for your daily gift.

The more you progress, the more difficult the challenges become release animals from too-small cages, destroy boxes, and remove poisonous mushrooms; there's always something to do in your menagerie! In the event that you become trapped and are unable to complete the required tasks, you can purchase additional boosters from the shop and use them within the level.

How to play

Tap or click to play.